Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To my friends in California

Well California sucks. I'm not surprised by the ruling at all. But there is hope, friends. Look to the Northeast, the birthplace of America, and look to the heartlands of Iowa. Freedom and justice for all is coming. It will come one state at a time. CA is just a bump in the road. And that state will soon be ashamed of what they've done today.

Now let's do the one thing the Christian Right would never do to us: walk over to them and say, "We forgive you for trespassing against us." Just because they hate us does not give us the right to hate them back. Give the love and forgiveness we wish they could have shown us. Remember, kids, karma is a bitch. Get on its good side and don't worry...the supporters of Prop 8 and all its like will get their comeuppance. Bigots always do.

Much love from Tennessee,


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  1. yep. that's the motto we lived by when we initially marched against prop h8 and the message we tried to deliver to the deservingly angry protesters and rally-goers after it passed.

    i understand that our supreme courts felt their hands were tied; even those who are for human rights, basic equality, and same-sex marriage didn't feel like a strong enough case had been made against prop h8. but come on, don't give me this "the will of the people" crap, especially you people being interviewed on the news.

    and that's about all i want to say about this right now. :)

    much love to tennessee!